Our corporate philosophy

utp umwelttechnik pöhnl GmbH is an innovative and modern company from Seybothenreuth near Bayreuth. 

We are justly proud of our technology leadership, of the individual and solution-oriented advice. 

We strive to support our customers and regional partners competently and individually at all times. 

Our strength is our team. “Anything about the water” is for us a promise towards the customer and we strive to keep that promise. When it comes to the offer, the customer service and the specific problem solution.

Strategic orientation

We act according to the mission statement: Anything about the water! This leads to the following strategic principles: 

  • The operating costs of our plants are lower than those of our competitors.
  • We have the service and product leadership in the sector.
  • We support our customers and partners from the first contact to the commissioning. 
  • We see ourselves as a solution provider – project oriented solutions for every problem. 
  • We offer our partners carefree packages. 
  • We link and document our knowledge permanently and keep ourselves up to date. 
  • Our interested and active employees are our most valuable asset. 

We are the way we are – different from the others.

Milestones of the corporate development

May 2016: utp receives the order for the delivery and installation of 31 small wastewater treatment plants in the area of the local authority association Südeifel in Rhineland-Palatinate.

February 2016: anniversary; 10th “Seybothenreuther Abwassertag”

January 2016: utp receives the order for the delivery and installation of 33 small wastewater treatment plants in the area of the local authority association Prüm in Rhineland-Palatinate.

December 2015: klärofix no. 30,000 leaves the plant. Thus, utp provides 150,000 PE, a medium-sized city with fully biological wastewater treatment technology. 

June 2015: utp innovation: product launch solimorph

May 2015: utp innovation: sludge storage times of up to 10 years with S2M-technology

March 2015: new range of services: utp service GmbH inspects and maintains separator systems; two employees complete specialized training course 

January 2015: utp youth cup; 5th anniversary of the football event of the region

December 2014: utp receives the certificate for accessibility; PIA in Aachen certifies the accessibility of klärofix small wastewater treatment plants with the telemetry module. 

Autumn 2014: telemetry plant no. 500 is commissioned

April 2014: completion of 12 group wastewater treatment plants in the Rhön area with elevated cleaning performance “+P” as well as telemetry

February 2014: utp receives as first German company an overall material and geometry building approval of the DIBt

November 2013: completion of the project Lemnitz; modernisation of a municipal wastewater treatment plant for 400 PE

August 2013:

Completion of the project Bitburg-Land; utp delivers, installs and operates on behalf of the local authority association small wastewater treatment plants

Spring 2013: innovation: launch of the maintenance app; for the first time the maintenance technician gets electronic support and can process information on site via tablet

January 2012: innovation: launch of the klärbox® control unit with actuator technology

May 2011: utp service GmbH expands its range of services and offers now renovation of shafts and pits as well as tightness tests, drain inspection and high pressure rinsing

January 2011: the web based platform for the whole administration and management of buildings, plants and institutions – www.homebook.de – is now online

Autumn 2010: utp umwelttechnik pöhnl GmbH receives the BDZ quality label

Summer 2010: in order to ensure consistent quality of the concrete monoliths, three new molds will produce as mobile mold equipment on site. 

June 2010: issue of “D+P” approval

February 2010: utp umwelttechnik pöhnl GmbH receives as first producer of small wastewater treatment plants worldwide the general building approval for the telemetry module for the remote monitoring of small wastewater treatment plants

January 2010: utp becomes self-sufficient and produces the complete power for production, administration, factory wastewater treatment plant and drinking water treatment with its own photovoltaic system

December 2009: utp umwelttechnik pöhnl GmbH splits according to its focuses in four subsidiaries: utp umwelttechnik GmbH, utp service GmbH, utp tankbau GmbH, cleani GmbH und utp umwelttechnik pöhnl GmbH as parent company

December 2008: issue of “D+H” approval

Summer 2008: klärofix no. 15,000 is built

Summer 2008: CE label of the complete wastewater treatment plant according to EN 12566 part 3

July 2008: certification via DWA Leipzig: “certified specialist company for the maintenance of small wastewater treatment plnats”

May 2008: participation in IFAT 2008 in Munich (International trade fair for water – wastewater – rubbish – recycling)

April 2008: issue of test certificates for the filtration levels D, D+H as well as D+P by PIA GmbH, Aachen

December 2007: issue of “D“ approval

October 2007: launch of the exhibition trailer “klärliner” for the support of our partner company’s sales department

August 2007: launch of the new control unit “klärcontrol”

July 2007: issue of “C” approval for PE tanks

May 2007: participation in “Umweltpakt Bayern” (environment agreement) for environmentally friendly economic growth

March 2007: drinking water treatment plant complies with the requirements of the drinking water ordinance (TrinkwV) – approval by the district administration of Bayreuth

16.06.2007: official inauguration with open house day, now 27 employees

January 2007: start of R&D project

November 2006: conclusion of the small wastewater treatment examination for filtration level “D”

Autumn 2006: move into the new company building, 19 employees

Summer 2006: klärofix no. 4,000 is built

Summer 2006: training workplace for industrial clerks

February 2006: first ground-breaking for the new construction of the company building, 17 empoyees

January 2006: issue of “N” approval and extension of “C” approval

December 2005: commissioning of the first kläropro plant for a mountain restaurant

October 2005: completion of the wastewater treatment examination for filtration level “N”

July 2005: klärofix no. 2,000 is built

March 2005: klärofix no. 1,000 is built

Autumn 2004: commissioning of the first kläropro plant for a restaurant abroad

March 2004: klärofix no. 200 is delivered

February 2004: successful completion of the small wastewater treatment plant examination and issue of the general building approval for filtration level “C”

November 2003: the first kläropro - industrial wastewater treatment plant for a butcher’s shop is put into commission

October 2003: delivery of klärofix no. 100

September 2003: commissioning of the first klärocom plant for the municipal wastewater treatment plant Walpenreuth; ready-to-use installation by utp, 240 PE

year 2003: planning and construction of kläropro® special wastewater treatment plant for restaurants and commercial enterprises

February 2003: start of the practical examination according to DIN EN 12566 at PIA of the RWTH Aachen; at the same time start of the production of prototypes

From July 2002: development of the fully biological small wastewater treatment plant klärofix with financial support of the land of Bavaria within the funding programm of “BayTOU”

June 2002: entry into the commercial register Bayreuth; 3 employees; utp begins in Seybothenreuth