Container wastewater treatment plants by utp

Container wastewater treatment plants by utp

Container wastewater treatment plants are treatment systems fully installed in an ISO container intended for the biological treatment of domestic wastewaters. The plant will be installed in 20- or 40-foot containers.Due to the modular design, we can configure the plants easily and quickly according to the customers’ demands.


  • modular construction
  • simple Transport caused by the container construction
  • multiple usage possible due to mobile application
  • fully automatic System operation
  • ready to use delivery
  • durable uncomplicated operation
  • robust and space-saving
  • homogenization about 24 hours

Functioning / Fast cleaning

The MBBR – moving bed bioreactor reactor

The MBBR system is considered a biofilm process which requires, in general, less space than activated sludge systems because the biomass is more concentrated, and the efficiency of the system is less dependent on the final sludge separation. Because of the modular construction, all process stages can be realized and retrofitted according to the need or wish of the customer.


  1. Preliminary clarification
    The preliminary clarification includes the sludge storage, the sedimentation area and the buffer.
    Besides, we can also deliver a screw screen and/or a sand and fat trap (optional).
  2. Moving bed bioreactor
    The second module consists of the moving bed bioreactor with biochips.
    If you are in need of an increased cleaning performance or an dosing station, please feel free to ask.
  3. Secondary clarification
    The secondary clarification works with a lamella clarifier.
    A sudge treatment as well as hygienization can optional be ordered.

Cases of application:

  • resturants 
  • camping sites 
  • quarries 
  • refugee camps 
  • villages and small towns 
  • food industry 

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