klärbox – for filtration level "C" up to 12 PE

klärbox is our cost-effective SBR small wastewater treatment plant.

Homeowners want to save money when it comes to purchasing a small wastewater treatment plant.

For owners who do not need any special functions or extension possibilities, klärbox is the ideal solution. 


Maximum result with minimal costs:

  • for 4 to 12 population equivalents (PE)
  • available in filtration level C 
  • pre-installed in a new concrete or plastic tank or as a retrofit for an existing tank
  • innovative fourfold step motor technology – nearly noiseless and energy saving
  • klärbox-control unit; integration of control unit and air distributer in one component
  • continuous, hydrostatic and maintenance-free air measurement with fully automatic evaluation in the control unit (no floating switch)
  • plug and play connection; only power plug and hose connections made of durable brass
  • acoustic, network-independent power outage detection
  • with integrated underload shifting system (holiday mode)
  • various operating modes with password protection and upgradable firm- and software

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    Functioning / Fast cleaning

    Clean water in one cycle

    Trust the SBR method. 

    The SBR method is one of the oldest and most proven treatment procedures. In contrast to other methods where three cleaning stages are necessary, with this procedure two are sufficient. 

    The mechanical preliminary cleaning takes place in phase one, the biological cleaning as well as the secondary cleaning take place combined in one chamber. Thus, a separate secondary cleaning tank is not necessary. 


    Charging phase

    In computer-controlled intervals, the wastewater gets from the primary treatment tank into the SBR reactor.


    Treatment phase

    By input of air, the wastewater circulates and the bacteria are supplied with sufficient oxygen.


    Sedimentation Phase

    The wastewater separates, the sludge solids sink down, the cleaned wastewater remains on top.


    Clearwater removal phase

    The cleaned wastewater is removed, the excess sludge is pumped back into the primary treatment tank. A new circle starts.

    Cost efficiency / Low costs

    Low costs at purchase and operation!

    In every klärbox you can find our long-term experience from all sold klärofix small wastewater treatment plants. 

    You will notice that, despite the lower acquisition price, especially with the operational costs. Even our klärbox small wastewater treatment plants do possess qualities which others could take as an example. 

    Our klärbox is Germany’s most economical SBR small wastewater treatment plant. We do not only claim that – it is proved. 

    A klärbox control unit needs less power than an energy saving lamp. 

    The klärbox small wastewater treatment plant for 4 persons with filtration level “C” needs all in all only 0.33 kWh per day. This equals 30.11 Euros per year. (estimated price of 0.25 Euros/kWh)

    Please note: 

    Other technical small wastewater treatment plants with the same cleaning performance for 4 PE need up to 180 Euros per year. 

    The values revealed are no manufacturer specifications but rather determined by an independent testing institute. Every manufacturer of small wastewater treatment plants is obligated to have those examinations. Ask for the test reports! If you do not receive an independent test report, there is a good reason!

    In order to keep the production costs as low as possible, we, like our competitors, deliver our klärbox small wastewater treatment plants without a big sludge storage for increased sludge storage times. That way the tank is a little smaller but also a little cheaper.

    You will find more information about our unique s2m technology for extra-long sludge storage times with our klärofix. 

    The following three points are crucial in order to avoid trouble with annoying and expensive repairs:

    We swear in wear-free, compressed air driven lifter without electric pumps. What is supposed to break? Our compressed air driven lifters survive definitely every electrical pump! 

    We think that power and water do not get along with each other so well. That is why we installed all live parts outside the tank in the control cabinet.

    We do not have a lot of mechanics, however, the mechanics we have is very robust. That is why we use with all our small wastewater treatment plants only linear piston compressors with five years of warranty. Out of conviction. It could not be any better!

    In order to keep the acquisition costs low, the klärbox control units are generally without telemetry module for the remote monitoring.

    Find out more about the remote monitoring at our klärofix.

    Variations of klärbox

    Thanks to a special production process, our monolith tanks convince with their premium quality and condition.

    The klärbox SBR kit is pre-installed at the factory. The concrete tanks are manufactured as compact as possible with a small sludge storage (½ sludge storage and ½ biology).

    • monolithic, from a single mould without glue-joints 
    • of own production
    • all traficability classes possible
    • cost-effective and easily installed
    • delivered with pre-installed klärbox® kit and ready for connection 
    • extremely robust and persistent
    • one or more tank design depending on the construction size

    Our klärbox plastics tanks are made of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) with welded partition wall. The klärbox SBR kit is pre-installed at the factory. The plastics tanks are manufactured as compact as possible with a small sludge storage (½ sludge storage and ½ biology).

    • small and compact plastics tank made of PP or PE
    • delivered with pre-installed klärbox kit and ready for connection 
    • moving the tank in the construction pit is possible without a crane
    • extremely space-saving
    • height variable dome shaft for different inlet heights

    The klärbox has the main characteristics of our proven klärofix small wastewater treatment plants. Every klärbox works according to the reliable SBR procedure with air lifters in order to waive the mechanics as well as electronics in the wastewater.

    • for the installation in a new concrete or plastics tank or for retrofitting an existing tank
    • due to geometry and surface independency, a retrofitting of nearly every tank is easily possible
    • we solely use air lifters, driven by compressed air without electrical pumps
    • no wear and increased operational reliability
    • no live parts in the tank
    • all parts are made of wastewater resistant plastics or stainless steel
    • easy and fast installation in the tank
    • available for filtration level C
    • factory pre-assembly of the klärbox control unit on a mounting panel for wall installation

    From the control cabinet you manage the whole klärbox. Our control cabinets for the wall mounting are available either in sheet steel or alternatively in plastics. All control cabinets will be delivered with the pre-installed klärbox control unit and ready for connection. 

    • for indoor and outdoor installation 
    • material optionally sheet steel, powder coated or glass fibre reinforced polyester
    • factory equipped protection class/examination IP55 
    • cutouts factory provided for hose and cable bushing

    If a wall mounting is not possible or unwanted, you can install our outdoor columns easily freestanding close to the tank of the small wastewater treatment plant. We pre-install the klärbox control unit in the fibreglass reinforced outdoor columns and deliver them ready for connection. 

    • self-supporting plastic housing for outdoor installation
    • stable design with integrated socket for earth placement
    • no installation works at the house