klärocom wastewater treatment plants are standard plants modularly built in a modular system that has been developed especially for the cleaning of municipal wastewaters. Due to the combination of individual SBR modules, nearly all technically possible cleaning parameters can be realized from 51 to 300 PE.

Our klärocom wastewater treatment plants have been used successfully for years at small communities. Based on our constantly developed further SBR technology, the utp engineers and technicians team always finds the right solution for you.

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    klärocom wastewater treatment plants are not only available as new pre-installed plants. Thanks to the individual modules, our wastewater treatment plants are suitable for retrofitting, optimisation or renovation of existing wastewater treatment plants. 

    The field of application of our klärocom wastewater treatment plant is diverse: 

    • community wastewater treatment plants
    • group wastewater treatment plants
    • small district wastewater treatment plants
    • residential estates and villages

    Project course

    Expert supervision and modular solutions are the established part during the project course of klärocom wastewater treatment plants. 

    There are a lot of planning activities involved when it comes to the new construction or renovation of a wastewater treatment plant. Right from the start, it is important to receive professional advice and supervision. Therefore, our utp team is at your side with its expertise from the first planning to the support when the construction of the plant is finished. We see ourselves as long-term partners.

    First, we have to determine the amounts and loads that are discharged to the wastewater treatment plant as well as the filtration level that has to be reached. Gladly we support you with combing through the files and documents. Subsequently we have to define the future location of the plant and determine the condition of the site (pipe run and topography). After we determined the existing situation, we will go on to the next step.

    Now we ask, “which structure for the wastewater treatment plant is best for the given circumstances?”. After we determined the existing situation, we start with the drawing board in order to create concepts. 

    With new constructions, we develop different proposals and versions. Which type of tank should you opt for? How to arrange the tanks on site?

    If there are already existing tanks on site, we will try and integrate them into the new concept of the plant. Mostly it is possible to integrate the tanks completely or just add new ones. A renovation or integration often is the most cost-effective solution. After all, the existing tanks are very often still in a good condition.

    This is about the money and therefore one of the most important topics. 

    We present our developed concepts to you or the responsible decision-makers, disclose numbers, respond to questions und will find the most cost-effective solution for you. 

    The critical phase starts as soon as we have determined how the wastewater treatment plant is going to be. 

    We also create all for the construction of the wastewater treatment plant necessary drawings and plans, carry out construction consultations, prepare tender specifications und gladly make construction timetables for you. At the same time, we schedule the plant for production. On principle we produce everything ourselves. From the treatment tanks to the SBR kit and the control unit. The advantage for you is that short-term changes or special wishes pose no problem for us.

    After the quality control at the factory, the tested plant will be delivered to the construction site. Our service team will gladly do the installation competently for you on site. 

    In addition, a ready-to-use delivery does not pose a problem for us. Our team can also realise the overall performance with earthworks or for example the renovation of existing tanks. 

    After the commissioning, the test phase and technical acceptance of the wastewater treatment plant we also stand at your side and are at your disposal as competent partner.


    The functionality of our klärocom wastewater treatment plants is based on the SBR process. Our wastewater treatment plants for municipal wastewaters are designed in standardised modules in the sense of a modular system. According to the specific requirements (e.g. the required filtration level), we build the individual plant from individual modules. 

    Due to the use of different supplementary modules (e.g. a phosphate precipitation), nearly all technically possible cleaning parameters can be reached safely. 

    The wastewaters reach by means of an inlet sewer the preliminary stage of the wastewater treatment plant. Floating material as well as settleable solids are kept back. As the treatment plant is operating with impoundment, the incoming wastewater is initially buffered in the preliminary tank.

    From the priliminary tank/buffer, the pre-cleaned wastewater reaches by means of an airlift pump system the reactor (sequencing batch reactor). If the wastewater treatment plant has more than one reactor, each reactor is alternately loaded. In order to reach an energetic optimization of the wastewater treatment plant and, depending on the amount of wastewater, there are different operating cycles. This way, we can compensate possible fluctuations of the amount of the wastewater. The controlling of the cycles takes place automatically as well as needs oriented depending on the inflowing amount of wastewater or rather on the change of the filling level in the preliminary/buffer tank.

    In order to circulate and aerate the whole content of the reactor, diaphragm disks, which are installed on the floor of the reactor, blow air into the wastewater periodically.  A compressor, set up in a dry place, generates the necessary amount of air in order to aerate the wastewater with fine bubbles highly efficiently. The rising air bubbles generate a water cylinder that mixes the activated sludge and the wastewater thoroughly. That way we reach a high level of cleaning performance.

    During a one-hour-resting-period, the wastewater will not be aerated further. As a result, the content of the reactor is divided horizontally in a sludge and a clearwater zone. The generated activated sludge settles on the ground of the tank.

    Before the last phase, the excess sludge, created during the cleaning process, will be removed. The duration of the phase depends on the height and is pre-set. An airlift pump transports the generated excess sludge for storage back to the buffer. The extraction area is given constructively by means of extraction hole.

    As a last step, an airlift pump carries the cleaned wastewater into the outlet of the wastewater treatment plant. The water is conducted by means of an outlet channel to a receiving water/seepage etc.
    With that, the cleaning cycle is finished; a new one starts as soon as there is enough wastewater in the treatment plant.


    Guaranteed quality in the constructional realisation is our top priority. 

    That is how we reach our objectives. 

    • wastewater treatment for the discharge in receiving waters, lakes or the underground
    • considerable handling and protection of the resources

    Variations of klärocom

    klärcontrol control unit

    As a standard, all our kläropro wastewater treatment plants are equipped with our user-friendly klärcontrol control technology. The control unit has a hydrocontrol module for the continuous, hydrostatic and maintenance-free air measurement in the control cabinet. Hereby an automatic optimization of the runtimes of the compressors regarding the changing occurrence of wastewater is made possible; this increases the energy efficiency and optimizes the cleaning performance.
    The function monitoring with alarm function takes place not only visual and acoustic but also by means of our telemetry module for remote monitoring, which once more increases the operational reliability significantly.
    In order to make a more-line operation (several reactors) possible, the control units communicate with each other. Thus, an even organic as well as hydraulic load for the reactor can be guaranteed.

    PLC control unit with touch panel

    All kläropro wastewater treatment plants are available with a Siemens S7 PLC control unit. The PLC control unit enables the integration into an existing control system via mobile communication or a landline for the remote monitoring and controlling.
    The filling level measurement in the respective tanks takes place with a level sensor.
    The graphic presentation of the structure of the plant in the touch panel enables the user-friendly operation.
    Of course, many different additional functions like an oxygen measurement, trend display, and many more are possible.

    We realise control cabinets for kläropro for the interior as well as the outdoor area.

    Indoor cabinets

    Depending on the wishes of the customer, we deliver various indoor cabinets for wall installation or freestanding inside an operations building.

    Outdoor cabinets

    We offer freestanding cabinets in a range of different materials like concrete, aluminium or glass fibre reinforced plastics. Of course, we also try to fulfil special wishes for example like wooden lagging.

    Classically stonewalled

    Upon request, we take care of the construction of a new operations building for major projects. Whether made of wood or classically stonewalled – we realise your wish.

    Technics cubicle as prefabricated part

    Does an operations building not yet exist, we deliver completely ready-to-use concrete prefabricated parts as technics cubicle. Those are not only equipped with the tested wastewater treatment technology, but also contain various parts like screw screen, washroom or lounge room or even a whole wastewater laboratory. 

    Technology container

    Technology containers are also no problem for us. They will be delivered ready-to-use and tested to the construction site. 


    Precipitation is a process, in which a solved substance will be transferred wholly or partly into an insoluble precipitation in the form of crystals, flocks or drops.
    For this purpose, a special precipitation will be added by means of a dosage pump to the treatment plant. Thanks to our modular system, a precipitation can be retrofitted even after years uncomplicatedly. 

    UV module for hygienization

    For disinfection, or rather the removal of germs, our type H module for hygienization is used. The already biologically cleaned wastewater is led through an additional UV reactor housing and irradiated.
    By means of a particularly effective UVC radiation, microorganisms will safely be killed.
    Our type H module distinguishes itself by its compact and space-saving construction. Completely without chemicals und with extremely low-maintenance technology, we reach bathing water quality.

    On site control points

    In order to design the wastewater treatment plant more user-friendly, there is the possibility to set up on site control points. From there, the plant can be operated from outside the operations building with only a few buttons pressed.

    Flow meter (MID)

    Often a flow meter in combination with a throttle drainage is required officially. Gladly we integrate a flow meter (magnetically inductive flow meter) into the treatment technology. In doing so, the cleaned wastewater flows through a measurement device, that shows the drained off water amounts.
    Furthermore, our klärcontrol control unit can remotely transmit on a daily basis all recorded water quantities of water.



    Mechanical pre-cleaning / removal of coarse materials

    A mechanical pre-cleaning for bigger wastewater treatment plants is reasonable. We gladly deliver and install therefore a screw screen that separates coarse materials from the wastewater.
    The screening material reaches directly and without contact to the environment a rubbish bin.