Tank construction – mobile molds for the production of concrete and plastics tanks

Tanks for small wastewater treatment plants with all European certificates

The investment in tanks for the water protection require high standards towards the production as well as constant quality controls at a high level.
utp Tankbau produces concrete and plastics tanks with own molds according to the latest European norms. The production takes place environmentally friendly at sites close to the construction site. Short transportation ways avoid unnecessary environmental pollution and lead to cost saving. Savings that are invested in the highest product quality – there, where there is a long lasting effect to the environment.

Mobile molds for rent

At our tank production department you can easily rent the complete mold equipment for the production of concrete tanks. Rent a mold – with utp simple and quick. 

The advantages are clear: 

  • low requirements for the infrastructure of the producing factory
  • simple production process – short training phase of the operating personnel
  • efficiency gain thanks to adjusted production cycles
  • initial test according to DIN EN 12566-3 has already taken place
  • no capital lockup
  • fixed calculable costs

Tank variations

Concrete monolith tanks – the premium class of wastewater treatment tanks

Since the founding of the company, we consequently rely on concrete tanks constructed monolithically. With our tank-formwork only the casting procedure as a production method is possible, which leads to the highest quality.  

Plastic tanks for the construction of small wastewater treatment plants

What applies for the concrete tank is also true for the plastics tank: The monolithic production leads to the highest quality. That is why we also manufacture our plastics tanks for the construction of small wastewater treatment plants monolithic in one cast without glue or welding joints.

Our concrete tanks are state of the art: 

  • bottom, outer walls and chamber walls are manufactured in one cast (monolithically) up to the top edge of the tank
  • no joints up to the top of the edge of the tank
  • smooth surface, due to the hardening of the concrete inside the mold (casting process)
  • 100 % dimensional accuracy
  • fixed in- and outlets encased in concrete; no subsequent drilling necessary
  • with one tank-formwork, three different heights can be produced
  • separate mold for the cone
  • cone-production also with casting method
  • freight optimized: the external dimension of the concrete tanks is 2500 mm, which means that the tanks do not have an excess width so that there are no transport restrictions

The characteristics of our plastics tanks: 

  • material PE: rotation manufacturing
  • slide shaft for variable inlet heights
  • extra-large inspection opening DN 800
  • separate slide shaft and lid cover form
  • rotated polyethylene with KTW certificate, recyclable, ageing resistant
  • reinforced for car trafficability and groundwater installation
  • freight optimized: the dimensions of the tank are 2.48 m x 1.20 m; three euro pallet bays are needed