Service & maintenance of your wastewater treatment plant

Professional installation as well as maintenance by well-trained personnel are the necessary components of a long life of a small wastewater treatment plant. Those are the main activities of the utp service GmbH and our Europe wide partner network.

Wastewater treatment plants have to contribute to the protection of our waters even after decades of operation. Therefore, a high-quality service of all assembly parts is necessary. The utp service GmbH is certified by the DWA for service and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants. Trained qualified personnel supports partner companies with their daily contribution to a clean water Europe wide.

utp service GmbH maintains, as the first company in Germany, an internet-based telemetry database with data from the remote monitoring of small wastewater treatment plants.

We developed this web platform already several years ago and supplemented it further. It did not only serve the remote monitoring but in the meantime it has constituted a joint, in the sense of industry 4.0 linked information and working platform for all organs to do with small wastewater treatment plants.