Commissioning and functional check

A thorough systematic instruction for the first commissioning and functional check of the plant will be delivered to you with the “quick user guide installation and operation”. 

The commissioning of your utp small wastewater treatment plant is very easy. You merely have to follow the order: 

  1. connect feed and discharge pipes as well as air pipes
  2. fill small wastewater treatment plant up to the emergency overflow with water 
  3. ONLY NOW connect the plant to the power network
  4. now, the automatic calibration starts (the plant gathers independently the maximum and minimum water levels inside the plant – it takes approx. 30 minutes)
  5. now, the plant is fully functional and wastewater can be discharged

For the functional check, you will find a detailed instruction in the quick user guide. 

After the calibration, the control unit monitors constantly all functions of the small wastewater treatment plant and reports malfunctions. 

You can also check all functions in the manual mode yourself, of course.