Remote monitoring
The telemetry module for your small wastewater treatment plant

Telemetry for a small wastewater treatment plant?
Your advantages at a glance

Less operational controls needed by the owner

Accessibility tested

Only one one-site maintenance per year

Remote control via web platform


Automatic error messages

Facts on telemetry for your small wastewater treatment plant

The basis for a reliable wastewater treatment plant on the long run and without hassle are regular self-monitoring and professionally performed maintenances. This is why those are required by the law.
These controls take a lot of your precious time and the mandatory maintenance on-site also costs you money. For these two tasks that you need to do, controlling the unit yourself and two professional maintenances per year, we offer you a easy and cost-efficient solution with telemetry.

What you need to control without telemetry:

daily: function of the plant


monthly: entry into the logbook

monthly: visual inspection (open the cover and look for errors)

Have you been informed that you as the owner of a small wastewater treatment plant have to fulfill these duties?

These duties are a must, no matter the type and manufacturer of your wastewater treatment plant.
To sum it up: You need to control the function of your plant daily and control the pit 12 times a year as well as retrieve the information needed for the logbook.

    No more controls with telemetry

    The plant will be called automatically once a day. Thereby the status of the small wastewater treatment plant will be retrieved.

    The current operation hours will be retrieved from the control unit automatically and written into the operating log.

    The control unit will retrieve any error messages (e.g. power failure), if there are any.

    Your duties as a owner will be done for you be the telemetry module!
    Without further work from you, the status of the plant will be monitored daily, the logbook will be done digitally and error messages retrieved immediately. Thus, you don’t have to fulfill the owner’s duties that the law requires.
    With telemetry, you reach the comfort of a
    sewer connection, while you save time and money.

    Less maintenance with telemetry

    Our klärofix only needs one maintenance per year!

    All small wastewater treatment plants – no matter what type or manufacturer – need maintenance. The maintenance intervals are required by law and connected to the expiry class of the wastewater treatment plant.
    For klärofix small wastewater treatment plants with telemetry, the maintenance intervals get longer from the third year since set-up onward.
    By reducing the required maintenance of two or three times per year, the operating costs are cut down.

    Accessibility tested – think of the future with telemetry!

    For the save operation of small wastewater treatment plants, operational controls are permanently necessary. When building or renovating a house, nowadays we always think of accessibility – even with roads, public transport AND your small wastewater treatment plant.
    As one of only a few suppliers, utp owns a certificate for tested accessibility of telemetry plants. Without having to do the legally required operational controls, you save a lot of time and can lay back.

    Technology: This is how telemetry works

    The remote monitoring of small wastewater treatment plants works easier as you would think.

    We equip the control unit of a klärofix small wastewater treatment plant with a GSM modem and a suitable mobile phone card. There is nothing more the remote monitoring needs. From the moment of the commissioning, the plant will be called automatically once a day. Thereby the status will be retrieved.
    We solely need a sufficiently strong mobile phone network.

    The control unit will retrieve any error messages (e.g. power failure), if there are any, and will forward them via text-message or e-mail.
    You can decide, if you would like to receive possible error messages or if they should be sent to your service company.

    Additionally, the current operation hours will be retrieved from the control unit automatically and written into the operating log.

    All data and documents of your small wastewater treatment plant will be collected in our web portal You can access your data simply via your web browser. The installation of a software is not necessary. Therefore, the access to your data does not depend on the location.

    Cheaper than you think!

    The remote monitoring costs, depending on the service package you choose, approximately as much as the maintenance of a small wastewater treatment plant.
    hus, the costs are relatively low, considering what services you get.

    Firstly, directly after installing, you don’t need to do the operational controls of function or write the loogbook. You are directly relieved.
    You won’t even notice that you own a small wastewater treatment plant. Also, there is no fuss with the officials, if you didn’t document the operation hours properly.

    Small wastewater treatment plants are technical plants, comparable to heating installations. Merely they have to clean wastewater permanently and steadily.
    Thanks to the remote monitoring, you will get the information about a possible malfunction straight away. Therefore, there will be no high and annoying subsequent costs that would arise if problems would be only detected later. As a result, there is an elevated operational reliability due to the remote monitoring.

    The responsible service company can look at the data of the small wastewater treatment plant already in the office, and can save the otherwise necessary drive.

    Another advantage of telemetry is the reduction of maintenance. By the third year of use, you get more life quality for the same amount of money!
    The costs for the telemetry module amortize themselves.

    Telemetry service – definitely a must!