The individual small wastewater treatment plant

The individual small wastewater treatment plant for 1 to 50 EW

For 1 to 50 population equivalents (PE)

All traficability classes possible

Extra-large sludge storage

Remote monitoring included

Individually expandable

klärofix – our SBR small wastewater treatment plant nearly without service

In every klärofix you will find the experience from 25,000 small wastewater treatment plants with more than 125,000 satisfied customers. klärofix stands for quality adapted to your needs:

  • for 4 to 50 population equivalents (PE)
  • all filtration levels (C, N, D, +H, +P)
  • for the installation in a new concrete or PE tank or for retrofitting an existing tank
  • latest CE-certificates as proof of the cleaning performance
  • a new innovative dimensioning makes our small wastewater treatment plant insensitive to overload and underload
  • high-quality klärcontrol® control unit with optional remote monitoring device and 1 service per year
  • continuous, hydrostatic and maintenance-free air measurement with fully automatic evaluation in the control unit (no float switch)
  • modular design for later adjustments of the filtration level without earth works
  • use of high-quality materials, like wastewater resistant plastics and stainless steel



    The SBR method

    Clean water in one cycle: Trust the SBR method.

    The SBR method is one of the oldest and most proven treatment procedures for small wastewater treatment plants. In contrast to other methods where three cleaning stages are necessary, with this procedure two are sufficient. The mechanical preliminary cleaning takes place in phase one, the biological cleaning as well as the secondary cleaning take place combined in one chamber. Thus, a separate secondary cleaning tank is not necessary with a SBR wastewater treatment plant.


    Variations of klärofix

    Complete pre-installed system in a concrete tank

    Thanks to a special production process, our concrete monolith tanks convince with their premium quality and condition.
    The klärofix SBR kit is pre-installed at the factory.
    The concrete tanks are manufactured with an extra-large sludge storage (¾ sludge storage and ¼ biology).

    • monolithic, from a single mould without glue-joints
    • of own production
    • all traficability classes possible
    • cost-effective and easily installed
    • delivered with pre-installed klärofix kit and ready for connection
    • extremely robust and persistent, one or more tank design depending on the construction size

    Complete pre-installed system in plastic tanks

    Our monolithic plastics tanks are made in one cast with the rotation system. The klärofix SBR kit is pre-installed at the factory.
    The plastics tanks are manufactured with an extra-large sludge storage (¾ sludge storage and ¼ biology).

    • monolithic PE tank (polyethylene) manufactured in one cast without glue or welding joints
    • of own production
    • solid reinforcing ribs, thick-walled, dimensionally stable
    • delivered with pre-installed klärofix kit and ready for connection
    • moving the tank in the construction pit is possible without a crane
    • extremely space-saving
    • height variable dome shaft for different inlet heights

    klärofix kit for retrofitting

    For more than 10 years our klärofix has been among the absolute top range of small wastewater treatment plants. No SBR kit is like the other. Every klärofix kit is produced and dimensioned individually for every customer. That way we can achieve that the small wastewater treatment plant is adapted to the needs of the operator. We reach the highest degree of operational liability with low operation costs at the same time. That is exactly what we call sustainability!

    • for the installation in a new concrete or plastics tank or for retrofitting an existing tank
    • due to geometry and surface independency, a retrofitting of nearly every tank is easily possible
    • we solely use air lifters, driven by compressed air without electrical pumps
    • no wear and increased operational reliability
    • no live parts in the tank
    • all parts are made of wastewater resistant plastics or stainless steel
    • easy and fast installation in tank
    • available in all filtration levels (C, N, D, +H, +P)
    • pre-installed klärcontrol® control unit on a mounting panel for wall installation
    • available with the latest air distributer generation with step motor technology
    • optional telemetry module for remote monitoring (1 service per year)

    Control cabinet

    The suitable control cabinet for the wall mounting is either available in sheet steel or alternatively in plastics. All control cabinets will be delivered with the pre-installed klärofix control unit and ready for connection.

    • for indoor and outdoor installation
    • material optionally sheet steel, powder coated or glass fibre reinforced polyester
    • factory equipped protection class/examination IP55
    • cutouts factory equipped for hose and cable bushing

    Outdoor column

    If a wall mounting is not possible or unwanted, you can install our outdoor columns easily freestanding close to the tank of the small wastewater treatment plant. We pre-install the klärofix control unit in the fibreglass reinforced outdoor columns and deliver them ready for connection.

    • self-supporting plastic housing for outdoor installation
    • stable design with integrated socket for earth placement
    • no installation works at the house
    • optional accessory like signal lamp and many more available

    Cost efficiency / Low costs

    Invest in quality and save money!

    When having a small wastewater treatment plant,different kinds of operational costs occur during the years,.
    As you have to operate a plant for various years, you should especially pay attention to cost efficiency.

    Low energy costs with a SBR small wastewater treatment plant

    Our klärofix is Germany’s most economical SBR small wastewater treatment plant since 2022.
    It has often been copied – but was never matched!

    Your advantage: We have build over 25.000 wastewater treatment plants!
    The energy costs for the operation of the plant drop to a minimum and stay there.

    A klärofix control unit needs less power than an energy saving lamp. Depending on the cleaning performance (filtration level C or D) klärofix small wastewater treatment plant for 4 persons needs all in all between 0.33 kWh and 0.47 kWh per day. This equals 30.11 or 42.89 Euros per year. (estimated price of 0.25 EUR/kWh)

    Please note:
    Other technical small wastewater treatment plants with the same cleaning performance for 4 PE need up to 180 Euros per year. The values revealed are no manufacturer specifications but rather determined by an independent testing institute. Every manufacturer of small wastewater treatment plants is obligated to have those examinations. Ask for the test reports!
    If you do not receive an independent test report, there is a good reason!

    Sludge disposal at most every 5 years

    Sludge treatment by the sludge-to-mineral technology?

    Sludge disposal intervals more than five years are nothing new for klärofix customers. There is more to it than you might expect at first. Namely extensive experience and a special technology for the sludge treatment of small wastewater treatment plants – the so-called sludge-to-mineral technology (s2m).


    What is the s2m technology?

    The s2m technology is a special dimensioning in conjunction with a special process management.
    This process technology, especially developed for klärofix small wastewater treatment plants results in a high degree of mineralization (thickening/compaction) of the faecal sludge in the primary stage and thus to significant longer sludge storage times (time until emptying).

    s2m dimensioning

    When investing in the sludge storage you invest in the tank, a building structure with an expected lifetime of over 50 years.
    Ten years ago, competitors of the utp team partly used 250 litres sludge storage per population equivalent (PE) in order to save construction money. Then, klärofix was the first SBR small wastewater treatment plant with the lush and innovative s2m dimensioning of over 425 litres per PE. Investing in a larger tank with the s2m technology amortizes already after two years because no sludge disposal is necessary.

    s2m process management

    In addition to the special dimensioning all klärofix small wastewater treatment plants have used the s2m process management for further sludge treatment from the very beginning. Various different technological factors e.g. the input of oxygen-rich water into the prechamber as well as the mixing of the latter contribute to the achievement of such long sludge storage times. Another advantage of this procedure is that an additional energy intensive aeration of the prechamber is not necessary.

    Low service costs

    The following three points are crucial in order to avoid trouble with annoying and expensive repairs:

    electrical parts in wastewater

    mechanical parts in wastewater

    electrical pumps in wastewater

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    The small wastewater treatment plant nearly without service

    Our telemetry module for remote monitoring the of wastewater treatment plants increases the operational reliablilty and only 1 service per year is needed. This reduces the operational costs a lot, since you would need 2 services per year without it.